Sweet Savour Bakery offers Specialty Scones by Lisa for shipping or for pick-up or arranged delivery in the Fort Worth, TX, area. All recipes are Lisa’s own creations, developed over the past 26 years. Baked with premium ingredients that are mostly organic, Sweet Savour Scones offer wholesome goodness and are absolutely delicious. Never bulk-produced, your order is made just for you.

Order scones for your next family event, business meeting, church social, holiday gathering, or just as a special treat for yourself or your family!

Try either of our two Signature Scone products or enjoy any of of our Specialty Scones, including a gluten-free option. Contact us to have yummy scones shipped to your home or to a friend or family member. And when you see the delivery driver walking up to your door, put on a pot of coffee and get ready to enjoy!